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Scottish Fold History

In 1961 a shepherd by the name of William Ross spotted the first known Scottish Fold cat at a farm near Coupar Angus in the Tayside Region of Scotland, Northwest of Dundee.

The breed developed from a kitten named Susie who had downward-forward folded ears giving the impression of a pixie or teddy bear. By 1978 the Scottish Fold had captured the hearts of American cat lovers and was granted Championship status by The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

There are 2 types of Scottish Folds, the Folded ear and the Straight ear. The Folded ear comes from an incomplete dominate gene as a result of a spontaneous mutation.

All Scottish Folds are born with straight ears then after 3 or 4 weeks their ears may or may not fold for life. Because Scottish Folds have to be bred as Fold with a Straight ear it’s impossible to predict which kittens will be Folded. To make this breed even more rare Scottish Folds tend to have smaller litters than an average cat.

Currently only Folded ear Scottish Folds are allowed to be Show Cat stars.

Scottish Folds are a beautiful Loving breed with an adorable expression and small voices. They LOVE people and are happy to be the center of attention in families with children or a devoted companion in any single person’s home.

Because our Scottish Folds are raised “under foot” they are comfortable around dogs, roaming Goats and any other parade that comes thru the house. They’ll quietly find your lap and dare you to resist scratching their tummy.

Scottish Fold KittensAssociation Acceptance

American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE)
American Cat Association (ACA)
American Cat Fancier’s Association (ACFA)
Canadian Cat Association (CCA)
Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)
Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF)
The International Cat Association (TICA)
United Feline Organization (UFO)

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